Cookie Policy – Cookie Policy

Our sites use web browser-based cookies to identify users and provide you with services you have requested.

What Are Cookies?

A web cookie or browser cookie is a small piece of data or file sent from a website and stored on the end user’s machine by the user’s web browser of choice.

These types of cookies were designed to be a way for websites or publishers to recall certain variables or user activity such as login info, additions to shopping carts, clicking particular buttons, filled out form fields, and which pages or articles were visited previously.

Cookies may be persistent or session-based; persistent cookies remain after you close the browser and will be recalled when you return to our websites; session-based cookies are eliminated once the browser is closed and you are finished with that particular session.

We use both persistent and session-based cookies on the Simplified Media, LLC family of websites.

What Types Of Cookies Does, LLC, Use?

We use cookies to provide you with services that you have requested, e.g. cookies that allow you to stay logged into WordPress in order to comment on our posts.

These are considered essential cookies or functional cookies designed to make your experience better and more personalized.

We also use performance based cookies which measure how often you visit our sites and pages and how you use them, which gives us a better sense of how you engage with the content and information presented.

Cookies may tell us what type of device you used to access our websites, which browser, and even your IP address.

In addition, LLC participates in affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for us to earn compensation by linking to various affiliate ecommerce sites.

Our third party advertisers may also use cookies on their own sites as well., LLC does not take responsibility for any cookies placed by other website owners or publishers.

How Do I Opt Out Of Using Cookies?

You can disable cookies on a case by case basis using your browser’s settings or preferences.